Standardize Your PowerPoint Template Design

Like so many of our clients, Webtech Wireless had a PowerPoint template… but it wasn't working. Over the years their corporate PowerPoint template had been adjusted by users until several different formats with disparate branding messages were circulating. Needless to say, employees were frustrated!

Start Fresh

To address this issue, WebTech Wireless asked ShowMakers to develop a clean set of templates targeted to four industry audiences, as well as a general corporate template for investor presentations. It needed to be user friendly and reflect their existing brand.

Stay on Brand

With a complete set of slide formats and instructions, including "Working with Pictures", "Working with Logos", "Product Images", "Agenda Example", "Tabbed Content Example", "Financial Chart Formatting and Editing" and a full set of maps, users have the tools they need to stay on brand and not waste time designing and formatting.

 Within 5-7 business days, ShowMakers can create a custom PowerPoint template for your business

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